Controlled Environment Agriculture Open Data


Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is a data-driven scientific discipline. However, public data on CEA is scarce. Moreover, more and more scientific journals and grants require data dissemination. The CEAOD initiative, started in early 2019 by NCERA-101 Committee on Controlled environment Technology and Use, aims to promote data sharing to help accelerate CEA research. There are 3 pillars in this initiative.

  1. Data format recommendations: this helps researchers collect data following the best practices and then share data in a format that can be consumed easily by other people.
  2. Data repository: this helps researchers to browser datasets and/or contribute your own data easily. This central repository also enhances the discoverability of data and the associated research.
  3. Tools: we also aim to develop tools that make it easier to standardize and share your data as well as tools for common data analysis.

CEAOD Task Force Members

Yang Yang @ Purdue University