“Introduction to Greenhouse Environmental Control for Crop Production”
“Introduction to Greenhouse Environmental Control for Crop Production”

“Introduction to Greenhouse Environmental Control for Crop Production”

JANUARY 4 - MARCH 28, 2024
January 4 - March 28, 2024 Participating two live online lectures every Thursday from 6:00 – 8:00 PM Eastern US Time, or taking the recorded lectures Course Fee: $299 SIGN UP FOR MORE INFORMATION

Course Description

“Introduction to Greenhouse Environmental Control for Crop Production” is a 13-week certificate course designed and offered by ADVANCEA. The course will provide students with foundational information about the essentials of greenhouse environment control for a variety of commonly-grown crops. The course is designed to be equivalent to an upper-level college course and requires entry-level understanding of modern greenhouse production systems.

During this course, students will:

  • Review greenhouse crop production systems and management strategies
  • Be able to describe why and how important environmental parameters are controlled using sensors and control systems
  • Gain sufficient insight in the basics of energy and mass transfer to understand the key plant-environment interactions in greenhouses
  • Learn the basics of sensors and control logic to optimize greenhouse conditions
  • Become familiar with recent developments in greenhouse control strategies

🗓️ ADVANCEA Academy Schedule

Please click the PDF link below to view the schedule

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Course Delivery Method

  • Live lectures are scheduled weekly (two lectures per week). All lectures will be recorded for those students who wish to take this course based on recorded lectures.
  • Course content management system (D2L Community) will be used.

Learning Materials for Students Access

  • Individual login to course site (D2L Community)
  • Lecture recordings
  • A PDF file of slides used for each lecture
  • 10-12 quizzes for knowledge check for each lecture
  • Additional links for reading materials or digital contents/tools


  • A certificate of completion will be granted to students who complete the course.
  • Lecture specific quizzes will be used to assess the completion of course.

Course instructors include researchers from the U.S. and the Netherlands (Delphy):

  • A.J. Both, Rutgers University
  • Murat Kacira, University of Arizona
  • Chieri Kubota, Ohio State University
  • Peter Ling, Ohio State University
  • Guil Signorini, Ohio State University
  • Ken Tran, Koidra Inc.
  • Fengqi You, Cornell University
  • Laura Bautista, Delphy
  • Lisanne Helmus-Schuddebeurs, Delphy
  • Stijn Jochems, Delphy
  • Alex van Klink, Delphy
  • Max van den Hemel, Delphy

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