Controlled Environment Plant Production Engineering/Technology Education Modules

The Controlled Environment Plant Production Engineering/Technology Education Modules were developed in 2010-2015 under Dr. Peter Ling’s leadership in a multi-university collaboration between the Ohio State University, Rutgers University and the University of Arizona. These modules help learners to better understand interactions between plant physiology, engineering physics, and economics.

Module contributors are Dr. AJ Both (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)Dr. Robin Brumfield (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey), Dr. Gene Giacomelli (The University of Arizona), Dr. Murat Kacira (The University of Arizona), Dr. Chieri Kubota (The Ohio State University), Dr. Peter Ling (The Ohio State University) and Dr. Peg McMahon (The Ohio State University).


I. Introduction

📺 Introduction

📺 The Worldwide Technology for Controlled Environment Plant Production

📺 Floriculture Greenhouse Industry

📺 Vegetable Greenhouse Overview

II. Physics for Greenhouse Engineering

📺 Units and Terminology

📺 Basics of Greenhouse Environmental Physics Part 1

📺 Basics of Greenhouse Environmental Physics Part 2

📺 Psychrometrics and Processes Part 1

📺 Psychrometrics and Processes Part 2

III. Key Physical Environmental Factors and Their Effects on Plant Growth

📺 Light Intensity and Quality

📺 Leaf Energy Balance

📺 Air Circulation and Boundary Layers

📺 Water Vapor and Vapor Pressure Deficit

IV. Sample Crop Production Systems and Techniques

📺 Growing Potted Flowering Crops - Correct and Incorrect Procedures

📺 Bedding Plant Case Studies

📺 Vegetable Crops Overview of Hydroponic Tomato

V. Greenhouse System Components, Mechanisms and Design

📺 Greenhouse Location and Structure

📺 Greenhouse Site Selection and Layout

📺 Growing Systems

📺 Greenhouse Heating Systems

📺 Greenhouse Heating

📺 Natural Ventilation

📺 Greenhouse Ventilation

📺 Evaporative Cooling and Shading

📺 Humidity Management Part 1 Key Parameters

📺 Humidity Management Part 2 Control

📺 Dehumidification Methods

📺 Supplemental Lighting and Shading

📺 Carbon Dioxide Enrichment

VI. Sensors and Instrumentation

📺 Measuring Environmental Parameters Root Zone

📺 Measuring Parameters: Aerial Environment

📺 Data Acquisition and Control Systems

📺 Weather Station

📺 Sensor Calibration Theory

VII. Greenhouse Operation

📺 Material Flow and Labor Flow Designs

📺 Product Traceability

📺 Environmental Control Strategies

📺 Greenhouse Safety

📺 Greenhouse Maintenance

📺 Scheduling a Crop

VIII. Economics

📺 SWOT Analysis

📺 Why Have a Business Plan

📺 Developing a Mission Statement

📺 Writing a Business Plan

📺 Production Plan

📺 Cost Accounting, Financial Statements, & Ratios

📺 How to Price Your Products

IX. Greenhouse Issues and Future Technology

📺 Alternative Energy and Resource Use

📺 Water and Nutrient Run-off Management

📺 New Opportunities And Future Outlook of Controlled Environment Agriculture

This lecture series is supported by Higher Education Challenge Grant Program (Grant #2010-38411-21396) from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the view of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.